An American chemical company needed a system for detecting corrosion under insulation. After a development period they applied the system successfully in Alaska for their own purposes. They patented the principle and approached a few NDT-companies who might be interested in this NDT inspection method. The method was proven, but needed further development. Shell and RTD were one of the selected companies that received a system for trials in the early 90's.

Shell and RTD both worked on the improvement and innovation of the tool.

In 2015 the PEC technology was purchased from Shell Global Solution by TUV Rheinland Sonovation.

In 2016 TUV Rheinland Sonovation initiated the PEC technology innovation Road Map with SONOPEC which is the new cost effective and state of arts solution for the detection and monitoring of corrosion in insulated components. SONOPEC will also improve and enlarge all other PEC application and will strength the TUV Rheinland Sonovation Well Integrity business.

Pulse Eddy Current